Straight Transfer

GraviLoad is using its spoon technology to improve the transfer of materials and make changes of direction easier and more efficient for our customers.


By using our optimised  spoon based system inside transfer points, more control is maintained over material flow leading to less damage and dust generation.


Our systems work particularly well in low drop height applications where conventional "crash" boxes would be used. By optimising the flow surfaces to match the material trajectory we can achieve more even flow matching the incoming and outgoing flow rates.  This results in lower wear of the running surfaces due to low impact forces.


Surfaces may be controlled electrically /electro-hydraulically to increase the range of material conditions and flowrates that may be handled. This can reduce the capital expenditure on the right projects and improve overall running efficiency.


Our transfer chutes form part of a complete product offering across the whole range of bulk handling solutions.

Low dust, high volume solutions


Transfer 1 Transfer point chute table _DSC0074